Published by: Skira Books

Morten Viskum, Works 1993–2016

A monograph that serves as an excellent in-depth introduction to the art practice of Morten Viskum, exploring in particular how many of the most hotly debated ethical and existential questions of our time have played into his works. Introduced with essays by Demetrio Paparoni and Tone Lyngstad Nyaas, and with an interview by Jean Wainwright.

Published by Skira Editore, in 2016
Printed an bound in Italy.

ISBN: 978-88-572-2866-2

Edited and Curated by: Demetrio Paparoni
Texts by: Demetrio Paparoni, Tone Lyngstad Nyaas, Jean Wainwright

Bookdesign: Marcello Francone
Editorial Coordination: Vincenza Russo
Editing: Valeria Perenze
Layout: Antonio Carminati
Translations: Julia Heim, Robert Burns for Language Consulting Congressi, Milan 

Language: English
Dimensions: 24 x 28 cm
Pages: 384
Colour illustrations: 475
Binding: Hardback