Published by: Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium

An Artist Collecting Art

This book is a presentation of the Morten Viskum Art Collection, as shown at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium in 2013. The collection is constantly changing. At the time, the collection consisted of some 500 works by 200 artists, and is shown in its entirety in this publication.
The collection embraces renowned and unknown names, both Norwegian and international, and artworks in every conceivable artistic technique. The prime motivation for the book is not, however, to show a collection per se, but rather to create a total installation made up of the works of other artists. This act of appropriation can be seen as a testament to one artist’s fascination with art, and to his fascination with the concept of the ultimate artwork.

Viskum bought his first artwork in 1986, when he was 21 years old. He has collected art ever since. In the collection, as shown at the time, the audience could read the way his interests have shifted and his economic situation has altered. 

As a supplement to the book, a unique booklet of questions was produced. Arranged alphabetically to correspond with the various artists, the questions are intended to raise further questions, and to stimulate debate about art and society and the relationship between them.  


Published by Vestfossen Kunstlaboratroium, in 2013

ISBN: 978-82-998342-3-0

Edited by: Andrew J. Boyle and Mari F. Sundet
Texts by: Sigmund Bakken, Susanne Christensen and Mari F. Sundet
Translations: Andrew J. Boyle

Bookdesign: Nina Ansten

Printed by: RK Grafisk

Language: Norwegian/English
Dimensions: 23,5 x 32 cm
Pages: 448
Binding: Hardback with shirting/fabric


Morten Viskum | The Collector | 2013