There are certain hands that should never stop painting and certain artists who should never stop developing the infinite implications of their work.

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Morten Viskum fights his poetic battle to overcome death by attempting to bring new vitality to projects he believes should not be left to fade. He accomplishes this through the use of blood and paintbrushes made of human flesh, by weaving together the threads that constitute the fabric of the history of modern and contemporary art, by focusing on news stories which, having disrupted our quiet daily lives, have been etched in the collective memory.

Viskum’s search is focused on the contemporary artist’s impossible striving for beauty – a search he himself still undergoes when creating works which can be disturbing and provoke revulsion. He thus draws attention to the fact that disgust, by opposition, is related to the concept of beauty.   

(Italian curator, writer, lecturer and publisher)


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Putin kommer til Oslo 27. august

Du inviteres til å møte Putin søndag 27. august kl. 13:00

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LOL – humor i norsk kunsthistorie

Haugar kunstmuseum, Tønsberg. 10. juni–17. september 2023

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Morten Viskum: Anatomen (The Dissection Room)

Exhibition opening
29 October at 6 p.m.

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Buer Gallery opened its doors on 24 September 2020. The opening show was a group exhibition featuring artists represented by the gallery.

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Jeg, 2013